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Monday, 13 October 2014



The only reason  why any Big Brother Africa  fan  should stay glued to their TV screens right after the party is because there is always drama to watch.
After the first Channel O party, housemates had mixed reactions as some felt the dance session was short and others had had enough.  From the party zone back to the Big Brother House, it was time for  the showmances to shine yet again and thank God they did. As the rest of the housemates went back to the lounge, Luis and his Mira plus Nhlanhla and  his Sheillah preferred  staying  in the garden to have some moments together. It was from here that the footage became sweeter to watch as Mira kissed Nhlanhla infront of his beau and her Luis!
A drunk Mira first kissed her Luis for some good minutes while  Sheillah and Nhlanhla looked on from the opposite chair. As if that was not enough, she got up and wanted to give Nhlanhla the same treat  who was lying on Sheillah’s belly  which she did when even Luis was watching.  A few minutes later she realised she was bleeding which forced Luis to rush for  a first aid kit. Barely had Luis entered the house, Mira got up and went  for a lenghty kiss with Nhlahnla as Sheillah looked on enjoying the scene.
Sugarcoating the act with the friend zone, Mira seemed normal with what  she had done and surprisingly  so did Sheillah!  I really love the after party dramas, it is what makes Big  Brother Africa worth sleepless nights; the real people appear even against their own will it seems. At this moment, Mira  who once said that she  was insecure, revealed that when she  is drunk, she throws the Mira name and adopts Kiki. But the smart ones know when and where they organize side deals! You can`t smooch the small house in front of the main house without a volcano erupting! Mira did all this in the time when Luis had gone for the first aid kit and when he returned, she was as clean as he left her.
Even though  he didn’t see the second lengthy kiss, he was not happy with the first kiss, for which he’s right because who in the world would kiss two guys in two minutes with just one metre separating them!  This is what  I collected from the whole incident;
1. It could either be that Mira had depleted Luis or that she  wants to have them both.
2.That either Sheillah is the coolest friend Mira has or she has completely nothing genuine for Nhlanhla. What do you think?
3. Nhlanhla is the Hotshots’ version of LK4 from the Chase, the guy was a real player!

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